Thursday, September 15, 2016

High Blue

I am a Blue.

Even more than that, I'm a "high" Blue, as my husband likes to say.

If you've never taken Shipley's Four Lenses, then you have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about.  Everyone is familiar with the Myers-Briggs Personality Test (I'm an ESFJ), but not too many people know the Four Lenses.  Shipley's is based off of Myers-Briggs and is "a tool that accurately identifies an individual's personality profile. The tool describes four archetypal temperaments from which all personality styles are derived. To help people learn and remember these temperaments, each one has been named after a color: Blue, Gold, Green, and Orange."

The order of my temperaments is Blue, Gold, Orange, Green. My husband is a high Green.... If you are familiar with Four Lenses, you can imagine our communication at times can be very frustrating. 

A description of the Blue temperament so you can get a feel for how I work:
"I am a nurturing person, drawn to the helping professions where I can assist others as they learn to live more meaningful lives. I love to talk to people about their feelings. I am careful to consider how others are affected by my decisions. Sometimes, I'll even alter my plans to avoid a conflict or contention.

I am deeply romantic and believe that true love can make life "happy ever after." I use my heart and the way I feel about things in my decision-making process. People are the most important things in my life, so I find it very easy to make and keep friends. Sending and receiving flowers, candles, poetry, thoughtful notes, and the other symbols of love and friendships are very important.

I look for the true meaning of life. I thrive in an environment that encourages people to seek opportunities to help each other become successful and where cooperation replaces the need to declare winners and losers. I'm not highly competitive. I enjoy being with people more than worrying about what we do when we are together. 

I am a skilled motivator and consider myself an effective and gifted communicator. I am a friend to the end. Spiritual things have great significance in my life. Sincerity is a quality I seek in myself and others. 

Some words that describe me are: caring, humane, artistic, spiritual, subjective, sympathetic, insightful, compassionate, personal, peaceful, sincere, empathetic, romantic, poetic, sensitive, accepting, patient, giving, and true."

I could've put the whole thing in bold, but don't want it to be overkill. If you know me, you might have noticed that I *do* say "I feel...." way more, maybe 9.5/10 times more than "I think....". If you haven't caught it yet, wait until I talk about a decision I had to make or ask me about my thoughts on a situation. 

Now you have an idea of how I'll be using this blog with this understanding of why I'm such a Blue. It's been years since I blogged religiously about everything from how my day went to random thoughts. Recent events and reading a friend's blog inspired me to revisit blogging to help me deal with/get out some of the emotions I've been experiencing lately. Writing this slowly brought me back to my LiveJournal days. I can only hope that I can keep up with this.

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